Fee Structure | CCFP

Craftsmanship Course in Food Production (CCFP) 2013-2014


1st Sem

2nd Sem

Admission Fee 600/-
Tuition Fee 10000/- 10000/-
Examination Fee 2000/- 2000/-
Caution Money
Misc 700/- 700/-
Total 14800/- 12700/-
Net Fee of CCFP:-                                 :-                  27500/-                  


1. Fee is subject to revision by the Institute from time to time

2. Students are also required to purchase books, uniforms and other accessories as directed by the Institute.

3. In case of withdrawal of admission after paying First Term fee, only Caution Money will be refunded- other fee will stand forfeited.

4. Caution money will be forfeited if not claimed within one year from the date of passing or leaving the course.